Different Types of Glazed Balconies
Let’s look at some of the different glazed balcony designs on offer


By Slimline on 09 February 2018
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With all the different balcony options now available on the market, you can install one at your home anytime you like.

There’s nothing nicer than stepping in your hotel room in a sunny climate far from home, throwing open the French windows and stepping out onto your balcony to enjoy the stunning vista and warm breeze.

Yet, why wait until you go on holiday to enjoy the benefits of a balcony? 

To help you get inspired, let’s look at some of the different designs on offer.

Cantilevered Balcony

This type of balcony sticks out from the building with no visible supports. Because they are fixed by cantilevering the structure off the wall, they cannot be added afterwards, but have to be designed as part of the initial building. They don’t normally protrude further than about 1.5m from the wall.

Hung Balcony

Not as aesthetically pleasing as a cantilevered balcony, these types of balconies have steel cables fixed to the wall which then adjoin the balcony.

Stacked or Pillared Balcony

Balconies of this type are common in blocks of flats. The balconies take the form of a pillar outside the building, with all the balconies stacking up on one another. This type of structure puts less pressure on the structure.

True Balcony

This type of balcony does exactly what is says; it’s a useable space in the form of a jutting platform or deck. Size differs, but there should be the room and the strength to sit comfortably outside around a table or on a deckchair, as a minimum. These types of balconies adorn architecturally designed properties, holiday homes and hotels, and can extend your living space dramatically.

Faux (French) Balcony

From the outside, if you glance up and see railings around a window, it’s easy to think you are looking at a false balcony. However, they are just for show, or for security if French windows are installed on upper floors. They have no deck, but provide a safe and attractive way to open your glass doors upstairs.

False Balcony

The false balcony is just a very small balcony, with a railing and a tiny deck of about 4-6 inches. It probably has enough room to add some flower pots or take one step to lean on the railings. Known also as balconettes, they are easy to install on existing properties, offering an illusion of space and light.

Juliet Balcony

The Juliet balcony is actually a false balcony, but has to be mentioned on its own as is probably one of the best known.

Loggia Balcony

Although not technically a balcony, this feature still allows you to enjoy the outside while you are on upper floors. It tends to have a roof, and has a sturdy support structure.

Glass Railed Balcony

Instead of going for stainless railings, glass railings and balustrades offer an alternative that gives a feeling of space on your balcony

Opening glazed balcony

For those who want to enjoy the outdoor space of a balcony without the chill factor, opening glazed balconies are the answer. Fully enclosed, they still provide light and airiness, and on a warm day just slide back the doors and let nature in.

So, whatever your property, there’s a balcony waiting out there for you! Get one installed, and it will open up a whole new world to you!

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