Unusual Rooflights and skylights
With so many designs, you don’t have to stick to the tried and tested


By Slimline on 22 January 2018
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Installing a skylight is an innovative and decorative way to introduce more light into your home, particularly for those rooms that are dull and dingy.

But what do you immediately think of when you consider roof or skylights – a flat square sitting proud to the roof? Yes, that’s one type of skylight, but there are so many more designs out there that you don’t have to stick to the tried and tested. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite creations to whet your appetite – and hopefully inspire you when it comes to your own skylight.

Sliding Roof Lights

Skylights are great for letting in the light, but utilise them as ventilation as well. If you position your roof lights in a sloping roof, it’s pretty straightforward to open them, but on a flat roof a sliding mechanism is handy. You can also double up (if big enough) and make them into a sliding doorway, providing you with access to your roof space

Pyramid Rofflights

Instead of thinking flat, go 3D and add a new dimension to your room. A pyramid sky light offers an illusion of extra space, plus helps the light enter your room at all times of the day. Go to town with the size and design, think clusters rather than one, and get creative with the glass panels you use.

Port Holes Windows

Not just for the nautical, circular port holes provide an attractive and unusual skylight. You’ll feel like you are on a boat, without the sea sickness!

Light Pipes and Tubes

Light pipes do exactly what they say on the tin; allow light into your room via a pipe. Daylight is collected at roof level, then transferred down the pipe to wherever you want it. No need to let attics get in your way of harnessing that extra light; just think out of the box with a light pipe.

Roof Lanterns

Sky lanterns border into crossing over into a glass roof – but not quite. Ideal for orangeries or sun rooms, these large raised skylights vie with the rest of the roof for dominance.

Roof (Dormer) Windows

Traditionally used in attic conversions or in older houses with rooms in the roof, roof windows can range from a small skylight to large opening window.

Transform Your Outlook with a Corner Window or Rooflight

So, you’ve installed a huge picture window in your bedroom that takes up the whole wall – why not take it a bit further with a corner rooflight?

Extend your window into your roof for even more light and space and you’ll be amazed how it transform your room.

Triangle Shaped Rooflights

We’ve mentioned squares and circle – time to discuss triangles. Often custom built, they can be positioned in a corner, or if you are feeling up to something even more unusual, place it in the middle of your roof and see what your friends have to say.

Go Bespoke With a Custom Built Rooflight

Whatever your style, here’s a roof light design waiting to enhance it. From hexagons to strips, multiple displays to contemporary patterns, your skylight is only limited by your imagination.

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