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Can modern heritage style glazing designs keep up the tradition


By Slimline on 10 October 2017
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When it comes to timeless elegance, nothing beats the style and tradition of square-framed windows and doors.

With a history that crosses three centuries, the style is synonymous with steel windows of the past, that have evolved into today’s modern variety.

Traditional Square-Framed Windows and Doors – A Homage to the Heritage with a Modern Twist

A Brief History of Traditional Square-Framed Windows and Doors

The windows started life in the Bank Street ironmongery in Braintree, after Francis Henry Crittall took the business over from his brother in 1884 and began manufacturing steel windows. More developments then followed; the fenestra joint was created in 1909 which allowed the glazing bars to be slimmer. This in turn afforded more light to come through.

Following this, the manufacturing process was improved in 1912, and when the company opened the Witham works. Then in 1919 the first cottage windows were born. These were installed into Government houses, a big break through, as up to that time steel windows were only used in commercial buildings. This use of the cottage windows continued right up to the 1980’s.

The windows were then galvanized from 1939 onwards, although this has now changed from hot-dipped galvanizing compared to the original electroplate galvanizing. Weather testing techniques in pressure chambers were also introduced, systems that are still in place today.

Although the brand has gone world-wide, undergone different mergers and management, the emphasis on quality heritage steel windows still remains today.

Are Heritage Style Frames Still in Fashion?

Heritage buildings undergoing refurbishment programmes specify a replacement in kind, which is where this style of windows come into their own.

If metal windows have an architectural significance, planning dictates a replica must be installed.

However, it’s not just about old buildings; nowadays, new builds are turning to the distinct historical look that graces even the most contemporary of properties. Working in conjunction with architects and designers, heritage style of windows and doors can be bespoke made in modern materials to suit any style required.

Modern Aluminium Square Framed Windows and Doors

Although the unique beauty of steel is not to be belittled, not everyone wants to use this material, yet still request the same design, feel and look.

Luckily, there is another way, and it comes in the guise of SL47 Herritage Aluminium Windows and Doors.

Designed specifically to replicate traditional steel windows and doors, the Heritage suite of aluminium windows and doors can be used anywhere where steel heritage windows are called for – but with all the advantages of aluminium.

Whether planning restrictions in conservation areas demand a like-for-like replacement, or a modern building is looking for a historic twist, aluminium heritage windows are the perfect solutions.

Although once installed, they may look exactly like the real thing, they come fully loaded with features, such as the ability to be configured in many different ways, super thin - yet strong, aluminium frames, quality polyester powder coat providing years of maintenance free life, high energy saving features, multi point locking and much more.

So, if you are looking to install heritage steel windows, stop for a moment and consider the alternative.

With aluminium heritage windows you will never know the difference to look at, yet you will be reaping the benefits for many years to come.



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