How Glass Can Transform a Home
Push the barriers with your glazing options


By Slimline on 17 February 2017
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Bricks and mortar – it’s the stuff your home is made of. It’s the building blocks of what keeps your home standing. Yet if you are looking for a way to transform your home, look beyond the basic structure.

Although some architects can be very clever with using bricks to build a unique building, an easier and more cost-effective method is to utilise glass to its best effect.

But don’t just think windows...

If you really want to push the barriers out with your glazing options, consider how structures such as sliding doors, walk on glass, glass walkways and glass box extensions can transform your home.

Sliding Glazed Doors

Sliding glass doors are traditionally used as an exit onto a patio, and as such have many benefits, including allowing extra light into your room and providing a picture-perfect view of what is beyond your four walls. This alone can transform a room from dull and flat, to open wide, vibrant and airy.

However, sliding doors can also easily be incorporated inside your home, giving internal rooms an extra feeling of space. If your home, or certain rooms, are small or dark, consider installing glass doors to give the area an illusion of extra room.

The sliding mechanism also provides extra storage room, as the area is not hindered by a door opening; and if you still need privacy, choose a frosted option for the best of both worlds

Walk On Glass

Need some extra space in your home, but have no room to extend outwards? Then consider a basement renovation. As walk on glass becomes more mainstream, this option is becoming a more popular way to transform your home, especially in city landscapes such as London.

Walk on glass offers basement rooms much need light, without interfering with garden spaces above. Incorporate it in your patio for an added feature outside, as well as down below. This toughened glass is not only a practical solution, but looks great as well.

Glass Walkways

Connecting your main home to a rear addition by a glass walkway is a stunning and contemporary way to transform your home. Not only are you still protected from the weather and the climate as you make your way around, but you will feel like you are outdoors, with 360 degree views of the trees, sky and garden.

The possibilities are endless; perhaps you have a main structure, but want to connect private areas all under one roof? Or maybe planning laws mean your building needs to be classed as one structure. It might be you want to modernise your older property without altering its original nature.  Whatever your reason, glazed walkways add an original touch that utilises your existing buildings in new and imaginative ways.

Glass Box Extensions

One of the easiest ways to transform your home is to add a conservatory – why not go one step further and build a glass box extension? Make a statement with bold and dramatic lines, while allowing the light to flood in. With all round uninterrupted glass, you can enjoy your view as if you were sitting outside.

Simple and elegant, a glass box structure adds extra room while offering an ambience of lightness and air, almost as if it is not there. Ideal for small corners, connecting areas, or for extreme statements, the glass box is an extra exploration of your home just waiting to happen.

And Finally…

If you are thinking of transforming your home, get creative with glass. Think out of the box (or inside of it with a glass box extension), and let in the light in a unique way. After all, your home deserves that special touch, doesn’t it?



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