Eight Seasonal (and not so seasonal) Ways to Spend Christmas Day
We asked around, and came up with a list of things people enjoy doing over the Christmas season


By Slimline on 16 December 2016
Posted in Property

Christmas is finally upon us, and it’s the season to be jolly. For most, it’s a time to enjoy relaxing with your family, indulging in the finer things in life, and being thankful for your array of gifts.

But for some of you who suffer from a touch of the ‘bah humbugs’, finding things to do over Christmas that bring a little normality to the proceedings can be all it takes to keep you grounded this holiday.

We asked around, and came up with a list of things people enjoy doing over the Christmas season (in no particular order).  

Whether you love or hate Christmas, can you spot your favourite in here?

Go for Long Walks

A firm favourite, this one. Whether you keep to the local roads, head for the beach or hills, you all seem to walk more at Christmas than at other times of year. Exercising off the excess is definitely all the rage; that’s if you can lift yourself off the sofa, of course!

Watch a Film with the Family

When else do you find the time to all sit down together and watch a good film? Switching off the PlayStation and removing the headphones only seems to happen once a year, so make the most of it!

Complete Your Tax Return

It’s true – according to the Guardian, in 2012, 1,548 people completed their online tax return on Christmas Day. Well, there is nothing more certain than death and taxes….

Start Planning the Diet... Again!

Most people relax and enjoy all the festivities of Christmas, but even as the turkey is being carved, many are already turning their mind to the New Year’s diet. Knowing that they will get back on track on January 1st seems to give carte blanche to fully indulge!

Watch the Queen’s Speech

Amazingly, the Queen’s speech is still one of the best viewed programmes on TV. With 7.5million viewers tuning in across BBC and ITV, it topped the charts on Christmas Day 2015.

Wash the Car

Maybe not the most obvious chore to do on Christmas Day, but what could be more normal than heading outside with a bucket of warm water and a sponge to give your car some TLC?

Providing you with some exercise (and an escape from the in-laws), washing the car could be the therapy you are looking for.

Clean the Windows

Yes, really! It’s actually quite a common pass-time over the season, as it’s a time when you may have a little more time on your hands. Plus, making your windows sparkle helps your home look good on the inside and out, so those Christmas lights can shine and glimmer against your glass.

Relax and Enjoy the View!

What better time than at Christmas than to snuggle up on the sofa in front of the fire with your family, and just chill out.

If you are lucky enough to have sliding or bifolding doors that give a vista onto the wintry view, it’s the ideal time to just spend some time savouring the scenery beyond. You never know – it might be a white one!

All that is left is for the team at Slimline Aluminium Glazing to wish all our customers, both old and new, and our future clients, a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

We look forward to serving you in 2017.

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