Roof Lights With a Difference
How to get more from your roof light


By Slimline on 05 September 2016
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When you think of roof lights, what is the first thing that springs to mind? Perhaps you think of a Velux style window built into a sloping roof, or maybe you consider a traditional roof light to be a small square on top of a flat roof or basement?

Times are a’changing, and now roof lights are being incorporated more often into architectural designs. This is partly because of their versatility, and also because of the added effect they bring to your home. Traditionally used to infuse more light into dark rooms, nowadays they are being utilised more and more as a feature.

So if you are looking for something a little different, what is available to you?

Let’s take a look at some of the options on the market today.

Roof Light Shape

The shape you choose for your roof light is only limited by your imagination. Apart from the normal square or rectangle, a simple circle is also popular. Straying into the more unusual, choose from triangle and multi-sided shapes (think hexagons). Use shapes to complement your existing structures, or to fit in with unconventional properties.

Roof Light Dimension

The beauty of a roof light is that it does not need to be two-dimensional like other windows. As they protrude into space above the home, three dimensional is definitely a factor that can easily be built in. Not only does an extra dimension add more light, but it creates a completely different look to the outside of your property.

Roof lights can be simple and practical, as with this slimline flat rooflight:

slimline flat rooflight

Or complicated and intricate, as with this pyramid roof light design. Which allows the light to be directed to the room below;


Design incorporates not only shape and dimension, as we’ve looked at above; but also your roof lights can play a part in the structure of your property.

This is seen more extensively in commercial properties, where roof lights and glass become the roof itself.

Roof lights can also allow extra roof space in a room or can be used as an ornate feature.

Not Just a Piece of Glass

The technical side of roof lights includes roof lights that open and close electronically...

As well as those that act as a doorway for stairs leading to roof terraces. Sliding roof lights are not only attractive, but add another level of practicality.

Another technical option is to choose toughened roof lights that you can walk on, making them ideal for roof terraces, or basement rooms under gardens.

What’s your choice?

So if in the future you are considering installing a roof light, think deeply about your choice and what you want from your roof light.

Everybody can always do with some extra natural light, but with so much more on offer, what can your roof light do for you?

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