What Are The Right Aluminium Windows For You?
Your choice of window can have a big impact


By Slimline on 22 July 2016
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You would think that a window was just a window – something to admire the view out of, something to open to let some air in, and something extra to clean on a regular basis!

But think again, because with a little bit of thought you can use windows to add an extra dimension to your home. Whether you are looking to maintain the character of your home or completely change the perspective, your choice of window can have a big impact.

 Windows Should Complement the Style of Your Home

Whatever style or design you decide on, your windows should have some common components. They should fit the style of your home – for example, small paned windows might look odd in a large glazed area of a modern architecturally designed house. On the other side of the coin, wide glazing may look out of place on a thatched cottage.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Energy efficiency is also an important consideration, as conserving energy and reducing the carbon footprint should be high on every agenda.

Also take into account maintenance costs, and the effort involved to look after your windows, as well as the longevity of your windows. Will they still look good in 10-20 years’ time?

Common Types of Aluminium Windows

Although window design has evolved, there are several common types which many windows are based on.

These include:

  • Casement Windows - this type of window has a hinge on the side, and opens by turning a crank handle. It’s great for ventilation, and a simple design, but can be a bit cumbersome to open. Also it can impinge on space when opened.

  • Double-hung – this is a window with two moveable panels, known as sashes that slide up and down. It offers a range of ventilation options, but the rail in the middle cuts down the viewing area.

  • Louvre – this is constructed with a set amount of blades that lay flat when closed then tilt to open. They offer gentle and effective ventilation but when closed the view is obstructed.

  • Picture – this fixed window that doesn’t open but offers great views. It’s often curved or shaped for extra aesthetic qualities, and its guaranteed to be air-tight!

  • Bifold – this construction has two panels that fold back on themselves, allowing them to open where space is at a premium. When open they also give an impression of bringing the environment directly into your room.

  • Awning – this window hinged at the top and opening outward at the bottom. Because of the downward slope it can be left open in the rain safely, plus is also good for letting hot air escape. This type of window is usually small and positioned higher up.

  • Tilt and turn – this has two opening actions – opening on the side like a casement, or tilting on hinges at the bottom, depending on the turn of the handle. They offer great options for ventilation, plus unobstructed views when closed.

  • Gliding – a panel slides from one side to the other, making it easy to open without impacting space. However, only one side can be opened at any time, so ventilation is limited.

  • Skylight – a ceiling window, they can be fixed or opening. Great for getting extra light into a small or dark room, they can add a new dimension into any room. However, you have to use a ladder to clean them!

So when you’re considering new windows, think first about the type of window on offer. Do you want an unimpeded view? Or are different ventilation options more important to you?

If you’re not sure, why not ask for some advice? 

Here at Slimline Glazing our experienced and knowledgeable team are ready and waiting to assist you.

You can contact us here, call us on 0800 195 6593 or browse our range of Aluminium Windows, Sliding Doors and Folding Doors online.

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