Slimline Glazing Wins the 2016 Sustainable Building Awards
It’s not just about how good our glass door systems look


By Slimline on 04 July 2016
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We are very happy to announce that Slimline Glazing and Aluminium Systems have won the 2016 Sustainable Building Awards - London. Which not only is a very proud moment for all at Slimline Glazing, but it also strengthens our message about how eco-friendly aluminium doors and windows are.

Slimline Glazing & Aluminium Systems - Winners of the Sustainable Building Awards 2016

The Sustainable Building Awards 2016 are focussed on rewarding the efforts of the individuals and firms who have helped shape the world of Eco-friendly and Sustainable buildings across the globe.

The last few decades have seen the green construction market evolve from a niche sector to a key contributor to the wider construction industry. Evolutions in technology, marketing and consumer expectations have driven vast growth in the market and provided many firms with the opportunity to showcase their creative flare and innovative thought processes.

From those individuals who design completely sustainable, energy efficient buildings to the companies who implement the ideas into intricate, sustainable constructions, the Sustainable Building Awards 2016 aim to accentuate the tireless work undertaken by those individuals or firms who, through their dedication and desire to improve the working and living environment, have moulded and changed the global construction market for the better.

The Sustainable Building Awards 2016 are all provided exclusively on meritso you can be certain that all of the winners win was based solely on their achievements.

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