5 Reasons Aluminium Glazing is a Long Term Investment
And Why We Supply Aluminium Instead of uPVC, Timber, or Other Materials


By Slimline on 21 June 2016
Posted in Doors

Here at Slimline we sell aluminium glazing products. So just why do we sell aluminium instead of uPVC, timber, vinyl or other materials? The reason – because aluminium offers our customers a much better long term investment than these other products, as well as being a top quality and versatile material.

In this article we’re going to tell you exactly why we stock what in our opinion is the superior product to anything else you will find on the marketplace.

1. Aluminium Glazing's Thermal Properties

This thermally stable material doesn’t shrink or expand with changes in temperature, and when combined with a thermal break is very energy efficient. Less heat or cold is absorbed into the frame compared with other materials, so less heat is lost.

As an extra advantage, they keep the noise out better too!

2. Aluminium Has a Smaller Carbon Footprint Than uPVC, Timber or Vinyl

As the earth becomes ever more crowded and under threat by carbon emissions, it makes sense to turn to a material that is environmentally friendly. A natural substance found in the earth’s crust, the majority is harvested in a way that ensures the impact of mining is low. It’s also fully sustainable as its recyclable. The good news is, energy required to recycle these frames is just 5% of that needed to build frames from scratch. Plus, it can be recycled time and again, leading to a low ecological footprint.

3. Aluminium Frames Won’t Bend Out of Shape, Rot, or Rust Away

Aluminium is strong, and resists heat and fire. It’s able to keep its shape in extreme temperature, allowing it to last longer than more conventional materials. Because of this it stands up to the elements, whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at it! It won’t bend out of shape, or rot, or rust away.

4. Aluminium Framed Windows and Doors Are Low Maintenance

With aluminium there’s no need to spend weekends painting or fixing as it is very low maintenance. A quick wash and buff occasionally is all it needs to maintain its showroom sheen.

5. Aluminium Windows and Doors are Super Stylish

Despite being strong, it is very lightweight, which allows it to be used in a range of different designs. As it can support extra weight the glazing panes can be bigger, giving rise to stylish and uncluttered windows. Plus, you get to enjoy more light and a better view.

It can also be painted in a variety of colours – long gone are the days of grey. It’s flexible and adaptable, so can be utilised in designs where other materials just aren’t suitable. Because it is so low on maintenance and long lasting, you’ll find the colour won’t fade or peel away, giving you long lasting style for many years to come.


Although aluminium glazing can be costlier to install initially, it soon pays for itself - and more so every year thereafter.

With no maintenance or replacement costs, once you’ve made that decision to go with aluminium there are no more costs.

Our customers agree, and love our range of aluminium doors and windows. So why not just sit back and enjoy the view.

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