Slimline Have Been Nominated for the 2016 Sustainable Building Awards
It’s not just about how good our glass door systems look


By Slimline on 08 June 2016
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We’ve just been nominated for the 2016 Sustainable Building Awards, which not only is a very proud moment for all at Slimline Glazing, but it also strengthens our message about how eco-friendly aluminium doors and windows are.

It’s not just about how good our glass door systems look... they’re sustainable too!

Is it a bit geeky to be passionate about a seemingly cold and emotionless material as aluminium? If that’s the case, here at Slimline glazing we’re proud to be part of the geek culture!

But believe us when we say – there is more to aluminium than meets the eye… We have already waxed lyrical about why aluminium is such an adaptable and user friendly material for windows and doors, but we want to touch on one aspect in a little more detail – sustainability.

Aluminium Doors and Windows - The Obvious Sustainable Choice

A large part of the problem faced in the construction industry is the necessary fuel and energy required to create materials. Not only has the energy required to produce new aluminium dropped by over 25 percent in the last twenty years, the carbon footprint of the aluminium industry has decreased by roughly percent.

Not only that, but aluminium is infinitely recyclable, plus it takes 95 percent less energy to recycle aluminium compared to producing it from scratch. Compare this to uPVC which can only be recycled about 10 times!

Other energy efficient advantages include the fact that it is so lightweight. Therefore, when it is transported, fuel efficiency is increased in comparison to heavier materials. It also boasts light reflecting properties of up to 97 percent, aiding the cooling efficiency of buildings, while improving the energy production of solar cells.

But don’t just take our word for it...

We're Nominated in the Sustainable Building Awards 2016

With the world being constantly damaged from the growing carbon footprint and ecological damage, these awards focus on those in the building industry who are going the extra mile to produce sustainable and eco-friendly buildings.

The award is aimed at rewarding companies who implement ideas into their materials or designs that will ultimately help create sustainability. These companies are at the forefront of changing the global construction market for the better, and are awarded completely on merit. Every nomination is carefully scrutinised to ensure that whoever wins does so purely on their achievements.

It also offers an opportunity to showcase innovative products and ideas, while sharing good practice. Not only do consumers demand more from an ecological viewpoint, but technology and marketing practices are also following suit. No longer a niche market, the green construction industry is growing every year, offering new avenues to be explored and developed.

If you’re not sure if aluminium door and windows are the right choice of you, think of the environment. We do….


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