Bring in the Spring with Folding Glass Doors
Push back the doors and bring the outside in


By Slimline on 27 April 2016
Posted in Property

There’s definitely a new kid on the block and it’s growing in popularity. Gone are the days of traditional French windows opening onto your patio; now it’s the time of folding doors to take the throne and rule!

Installing a folding door offers endless opportunities. It’s a cost effective solution for achieving that sensational outer view, with an easy option to push back the doors and bring the outside in.

The benefits of this system include:

Expanding a Small Space

If your inner space is limited, replacing a wall with folding glass doors dramatically increases the illusion of extra room. When the weather permits, folding back the doors will incorporate your garden into your home, giving you instant extra space.

You’ll achieve an extra social element when entertaining, as your guests can happily spill over into the garden, yet still be contained as a group in one area.

Brighten Up your Home

The more glazing in your home you have, the more natural light you can bring into your home. Aside from the obvious savings benefits of using less electricity, natural light will also lighten your mood as well as your home.

Easy Slide/Glide Opening action

With new technologies coming into the market, folding doors are easy to use and lightweight. They glide back smoothly into place yet are strong and draught-proof. When you want to pop outside, just open the first fold – no need to fully open it up if not required.

You don’t have to limit them to external walls either; they work equally well internally.

Modern Bifold Doors

With so many different designs, materials and colours to choose from, folding doors add a slick style to your room.

If you want more glazing and less barriers, choose less but bigger folds. If you are looking for a neat folding finish, consider smaller panes with more folds.

Don’t exclude corners either; with careful planning you can incorporate two sets of folding doors meeting at a corner.

Room with a View

Even when your folding doors are shut (and let’s face it, in the UK climate that might be more often than not!) you’ll get the benefit of an unimpeded view. With little clutter of walls to break the sense if space, you’ll be enjoying the outdoors even on a winter’s day.

Safe and Secure

Folding doors come with quality locks and fastenings, so no need to worry about being unsecure. They fit flush in their frames, ensuring that when closed they are airtight and free from draughts. They also have excellent thermal properties so you’ll stay warm even on the coldest day.

As spring has decided that it is finally here, thoughts are turning to balmy evenings and stunning sunsets. This is the time to make the most of your outdoor space, while combining it with your inner sanctum.

With folding doors, you can bring the spring in, and enjoy the lighter nights to the full.


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