Open Up Your Home with Electric Sliding Roof Lights
Bring the outside inside at the touch of a button


By Slimline on 22 March 2016
Posted in Property

Imagine – it’s a beautiful evening and you’re dining under the stars. There’s a soft breeze drifting around you, making you feel at one with nature. Then suddenly, an ominous cloud looms out of nowhere, and you feel the promise of rain in the air.

Yet before the storm settles in, you’re closeted against the weather, enjoying your supper undisturbed. All without even having to touch a button.

In or out? With Electric Sliding Roof Lights it's Your Choice

With an electric sliding roof light, you have the best of both worlds. Eat al-fresco whenever you want, without the hassle of setting up your dining area outside. With just one finger control your roof light will slide gently across, exposing nature in all its glory.

Experience the pleasures of the night summer air, listen to the gentle sounds of the outdoors, and bring nature into your interior.

Yet at the first hint of bad weather, there’s no rushing to carry everything back inside before the heavens open. Just press your controls and the dim hum of the electronic announces that you’re letting nature take its course while you are safely protected from the elements.

Roof Lights Open Up Your Home by Increasing Your Natural Light

Even a small opening roof light gives the impression of extra space.  When it’s closed, the increased day light that enters your house can give it a new dimension. The distance daylight can penetrate through windows is limited by positioning, yet with a roof light, daylight will flood your home in all directions.

Use your roof light to open up your home by increasing your usable living space. By installing an electric sliding roof light you can easily access your roof terrace, or create a new area up above. You get the benefit of both worlds; more outdoor space to enjoy, plus added light filtering through your roof light. Not to mention the added value this puts on your property…

Very Easy Does It

If automation is your thing, go for the remote controlled options. With this setting, your electric sliding roof light will do the work for you.

A drop of rain? No problem! Our roof lights can also come with built-in rain sensors so the roof light will close automatically at the first sign of rain, making sure you’re left high and dry.

You can even connect it to your building management system and incorporate into your smart home.

All of this is available in a stylish design of your choosing, complementing any home or building.

Whether you are looking for practicality and an improved access to your terrace, or love the luxury of bringing the outdoors inside, electric sliding roof lights provide everything you need at a push of a button.


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