Help Your Shop Stand Out with Structural Commercial Glazing
Combine creativity with glass and doors to get that diamond shine


By Slimline on 23 February 2016
Posted in Property

Walk down a busy high street and you are bombarded by a huge array of commercial premises - shops, restaurants, bars - every one of them vying for your attention. It’s likely you’ll come across several all selling similar wares, so what makes you choose one particular store over another to spend your hard-earned cash in?

First Impressions Count

It’s all about first impressions, which really do count – clichéd but true!

The shop that catches your eye initially will be the first you visit, so making that extra effort to make your shop front stand-out is well worth the time.

Don’t be Dull - Choose a Diamond Finish for Your Shop Front

So if you own a shop, how can create that extra special touch? Consider the difference between a shiny, sparkling diamond and a dull pebble – which one immediately draws your attention? Of course, it’s the 24 carat stone.

So your job is to make your shop that gleaming precious stone, surrounded by lacklustre nuggets.

Shop Front First

Most retailers rely on their window dressing to attract their customers, but as a savvy marketer you need to go one step further, and think first about your windows and doors. By installing commercial glazing with that extra wow factor, you cannot help but attract that second glance that brings the customers to your door and beyond.

Pretty and Practical

One option is to consider glass extensions. These provide not just an aesthetic focal point, but also add extra room. If adding a glass extension is impractical, consider installing structural glass to replace existing walls or frontals. Not only does it offer a light and airy feel to your property, as an added benefit these double glazed units are energy efficient, and can be purchased with solar reflecting coatings.

Get Creative with a Commercial Glazing Solution

The beauty of structural glazing is that designs are only limited by your imagination. Use it in your ceiling to bring light and ambience into your store, or create exciting new features that will showcase your products. Or build a glazed entrance that attracts your customers like magnets to metal.

Open Your Doors... or the Whole Shop!

Don’t forget the doors either. A frameless door rail system is ideal for commercial properties, offering a stylish and practical solution both externally and internally. Various options are available, such as frameless end-fold door systems, frameless glass door rail systems or centre-fold models, allowing you to personalise your design. With the potential to install as many swing, sliding or folding doors as you want, you can have the crowds all flocking in together!

Put your commercial glazing to work and outshine your competition. Standing out from the crowd is simple when you know how – combine creativity with commercial glass and doors, and get that diamond shine.

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