Shedding (Natural) Light on Basement Conversions
No more dark and dingy basement conversions! Let modern glazing light it up


By Slimline on 16 November 2015
Posted in Property

As land prices rise, more and more people are looking to increase their living spaces by either making the most of their existing basements or digging underground. This is especially true in London, possibly due to the fact that basements were traditionally built to house the staff in times gone by.

However, planning regulations can be strict, so designers are thinking more and more out of the box, particularly when it comes to letting in natural light.

Use Existing Windows Wisely

If you have an existing basement space, capitalise on any windows already installed. If small or poorly positioned, consider increasing their size or installing large paned glass if planning allows. If possible, look at sliding patio doors, or bi-fold doors, to fully maximise lighting opportunities already in place.

A Glass Doorway to the Light

If your door into the basement is solid, consider swapping it with a glass door system. Some basements already have external doors, but others are accessed internally. An internal glass door allows the natural light from above to leak through to the basement.

Installing Glass Roof Lights & Skylights

Depending on the existing structure of your basement, skylights and roof lights can be installed that blend well with the construction. Electric sliding roof lights provide ventilation without clutter, or consider a slim-line design for maximum light with minimal connectors.

Installing Glass Roof Lights & Skylights


Light Pipes

Although these can be costly to install, they can be the perfect answer to strict planning requirements. Many councils frown on large expanses of glass across lawns and gardens, but dropping pipes into the ground gives the same effect below decks of several spotlights in the ceiling. By camouflaging them as stepping stones on your lawn, they act as an inconspicuous light source.

Walk On Glass & Rooflights for Basement Conversions

Walk On Glass & Rooflights for Basement ConversionsIf you have ever visited the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, you will have experienced that slight hesitation of standing on glass looking down to the view many feet below. It may feel unreal but with modern advances glazing has the strength of a normal floor.

Make use of walk-on glass to allow the light from above to flow directly down below. By installing it in the ceiling, not only does it light up your basement, but provides an interesting feature above.

Walk-on glass can also be used effectively for structures that branch under the garden. A glass decking not only gives a focal point when enjoying life Al Fresco, but allows the light to shine through below.

Mirror mirror on the wall

The film "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer demonstrates how mirrors can be used to create natural light form the smallest of openings. By taking the same principles and placing mirrors strategically, you can more than double your natural light. It may be an illusion, but effective nevertheless!

Your basement need not be a dingy and dank area, frequented by spiders and forgotten Christmas decorations. Instead, transform it into a living area to be proud of. By using these tips and quality products to enhance your natural luminance, you can create that light and airy extra space of your dreams.

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