How Can New Glass Doors and Windows Save You Money?
Iinvesting in new glazing can save you money... and the planet


By Slimline on 28 October 2015
Posted in Windows

A new glass door may be your window to the world, but did you know it can also save you money?

Aesthetically, you can’t beat a glass door. Whether you choose the more traditional sliding style, or opt for an infinity or curved design, they look amazing. Your room becomes at one with your outdoor space, yet that’s not the whole story.

Trap the Warm Air

Think of a single blanket on your bed, as oppose to a snugly duvet. The blanket can’t trap the warm air your body generates; it just cools and seeps away. The air pockets in the duvet, however, trap the warm air and prevent it leaking out.

Double glazed glass patio doors is a little like your duvet; it stops heat passing through the glass, while preventing leakage around the edges. The warm air is trapped on your side of the glass, instead of disappearing outside.

Efficient Glass Equals Less Heat Waste

With modern glazing, you have the option of a range of energy efficient glass. The glass and the frame are assessed on their ability to retain heat. Glass with an energy rating comes complete with a u-value sticker; the lower the u-value the less heat will pass through. This is indicative of the insulation levels of the glass.

More efficient glazing equals less energy waste, which equates to lower bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Win-win all round. With new glass doors you’ll have less heat transfer plus less leakage and draughts. All of this means that the thermostat setting on the central heating dial stays nice and low.

Draught-proofing as Standard

New glass doors should also come fully fitted with effective draught-proofing strips around the seals. According to the Energy Saving Trust this can save between £25 and £35 a year, just by ensuring your door is adequately draught-proofed.

Cut Back on UV Light

Did you also know that old glass also lets in more UV light than new glazing? This light can be very damaging – ever looked at your curtains and wondered why they are fading? That’s UV light for you. The cost of replacing all your soft furnishing could be potentially higher than investing in new glass doors.

Cut Back on Upkeep

Don’t overlook at the cost of up-keeping your old patio doors as well. If they are wood, they will need treating, staining and repairing on a regular basis to prevent the rot setting in. Unlike modern aluminium frames which are maintenance free and last… and last… and last…

New Windoes and Doors - The Big Pay-Off

If you’re not entirely convinced that new glass patio doors can save you money, the Energy Saving Trust estimates you could save up to £110 with energy efficient glass. The other big plus? New energy saving glass could cut down on your carbon dioxide emissions by roughly 16-22 tonnes.

So while you’re polishing your new glass, polish that halo too. 


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