Millionaire’s Row: How the other half live
The most expensive streets in the London and Surrey


By Slimline on 06 October 2015
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Got £8million to spare? Then consider buying a property on Victoria Road, London. Egerton Crescent, De Vere Gardens or Manresa Road. They're are considered to be some of the most expensive streets in the UK, but they aren’t the only Millionaires Rows in Britain.

Kensington and Chelsea top the list

Millionaires Row - The most expensive streets in the London and SurreyNot surprisingly, the borough of Kensington and Chelsea tops the most expensive area in the UK – so if you fancy being neighbours to the Royals it will cost you. Head to Westminster and Merton and you're still having to shed out wads of cash to live like a king. Check out our recent glazing installations in Kensington and Chelsea.

Moving South...

Away from the city centre, buyers are looking for larger properties, with either a garden or green areas nearby, yet still within easy commute distance of the capital. Demand for these desirable houses is forcing the prices up and up. Motor down into Surrey and you can still expect to pay a hefty price tag.

Leatherhead Leads for Luxury Pads

Take Oxshott and Leatherhead in Surrey, for example. Properties on Leys Road are fetching on average £3.6million, and in nearby Cobham, you won't get much change from £3million along Icklingham Road. Compare this to the most expensive home in Cardiff – a bargain at under £800,000!

Cobham and Kingston-upon-Thames... Kings of Property Prices

Coming high on the list, also in Leatherhead, are properties on Moles Hill, again hitting the £3million mark, as are houses along Harebill Hill in Cobham. A little cheaper at a mere £2.3million, Fairmile Avenue in Cobham might be more up your street. Kingston upon Thames also features in our Millionaires Row – a home in Coombe Hill Road could set you back a touch under £3million (but who is counting the pennies).

Does Virginia whet your appetite?

Virginia Water in Surrey is also considered desirable, and the prices reflect this. Abbots Drive homes will set you back a nifty £2.9+million. A house in Nun's Park will give you a little more change - £2.77million is the going price. Nestling next to Windsor Great Park, it's hardly surprising buyers are loving these properties.

The Royal Hangouts in London

A house in Ascot, in particular Fishers Wood, will cost you £2.4m, or head to Esher Park Avenue in Esher for a nicely priced home at just under £2.3million. This is a touch more than a house in Kings Road Windsor. If you choose to live on the border of Royal Berkshire and Surry expect to part with just over £2.2million.

Command high prices for your property

If you're selling a property in these areas, you might be feeling excited by these numbers. These figures are not guaranteed, of course. If your property has had recent renovations or improvements, it can help the price tag rise. Installing new windows and doors can make a big difference to your property value, as can decorating from top to bottom.

Of course, if you own Buckingham Palace, valued as the most expensive property in the world, you don't need to worry about this.

But for the rest of us mere mortal, every little helps.

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