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Slimline Glazing Wins the 2017 Sustainable Building Awards
Posted on 22/08/2017 in Property

For the second year running, we are delighted to announce that Slimline Glazing and Aluminium Systems have won the Sustainable Building Awards - London. With this award, we continue to show the world how eco-friendly aluminium doors and windows are.

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How Glass Can Transform a Home
Posted on 17/02/2017 in Property

Bricks and mortar – it’s the stuff your home is made of. It’s the building blocks of what keeps your home standing. Yet if you are looking for a way to transform your home, look beyond the basic structure.

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Unusual Rooflights and skylights
Posted on 22/01/2018 in Property

Installing a skylight is an innovative and decorative way to introduce more light into your home, particularly for those rooms that are dull and dingy.

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Christmas Candles Through Your Windows
Posted on 17/12/2017 in Windows

Traditionally we deck our windows with fairy lights, holly and candles, letting the glow of Christmas spill out into the world beyond. Of course, it helps show the way to Father Christmas, guiding him to each house on Christmas eve, but history tells the story in a different light….

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Case Study: Full Width Rear Extension
Posted on 05/11/2017 in Case Study

Built originally as a ‘show home’ for the development of a group of two-to-three-storey detached and semi-detached family homes, this property is located at the edge of a typical suburban residential development in Borehamwood erected in the 2000s. The property was originally designed with a standard square configuration.

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