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Square Framed Windows and Doors
Posted on 10/10/2017 in Property

When it comes to timeless elegance, nothing beats the style and tradition of square-framed windows and doors. With a history that crosses three centuries, the style is synonymous with steel windows of the past, that have evolved into today’s modern variety.

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Planning Permission and Glazing
Posted on 29/09/2017 in Property

So, you’re thinking of putting bigger windows in, or maybe a porch or conservatory, or possibly a glass box extension. It’s time to call in the glaziers and get the job done. ...Or is it?

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Planning a House Extension?
Posted on 27/07/2017 in Property

Is your home starting to feel a bit snug? Perhaps your family has expanded beyond your original walls; sounds like it's time to think about planning for an extension.

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Different Types of Window Opening
Posted on 03/07/2017 in Windows

How do your windows open? Simple question, you think. Just open the catch and push the window. But in reality, there are many ways to open a window, and all have different advantages.

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What is the Right Glass For You?
Posted on 12/06/2017 in Windows

Glass is glass, right? You put it in windows, and it lets the light through. It would be nice if it was that straightforward, but like most things in life, it doesn’t quite work like that.

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